What is social Relationship Management? : Social Development

What is social Relationship Management?

Focus on Social Relationship Management at Oracle OpenWorld

Greetings from Oracle OpenWorld 2012. Today, we’re going to focus on Social Relationship Management at Oracle OpenWorld.
Social networking is touching all businesses today.

Customers are speaking about your brand right now on social media sites. Your employees are speaking to one another on social media sites. In an Oracle survey, 40% of consumers factor in Facebook recommendations when making purchasing decisions. Despite the rise of social networking, 70% of marketers report having little understanding of social media conversations happening around their brand.

Oracle has invested in technologies that will help companies leverage social media technologies for their enterprise. Our suite of social products is collectively known as Social Relationship Management. Customers are using Social Relationship Management to get analytics to social media conversations around their brand, manage multiple social media channels while keeping their brand consistent, optimize internal workflows and processes, and create better customer relationships and experiences.

In this example, using Social Relationship Management, a high-end national grocery chain is able to see that “Coconut Water” is trending in San Francisco. They are now able to send a $2-off coconut water coupon to shoppers who have checked into their San Francisco locations. This promotion further drives sales of coconut water in San Francisco.

In another example, using Social Relationship Management, a technology company creates multiple Facebook pages and runs campaigns on them. These social campaigns are now integrated and tracked as another marketing channel in Oracle Fusion CRM. The technology company can now track and respond to a particular customer as he moves across multiple channels – without having to restart the conversation each time the customer contacts the company. Furthermore, the technology company can see in one interface what marketing channels – including social – is performing best for each promotion.

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Like most predators, canine social behavior is based on competition for control of territory, movement, and resources. NILIF is based on establishing a human/canine relationship with those canine social behaviors the dog already understands. It was originally a theraputic procedure to abruptly terminate a flawed relationship and gradually build a healthier one by gradually granting privileges when the dog cooperated in the way they would within the canine pack. Over time, it has been reinterpreted to mean basic household management that builds cooperation through control of territory, movement, and resources

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