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Anthropology and Sociology is the study of the nature of humanity along with the complexities of social relationships, and offers a way of understanding the whole context of human experiences. It incorporates the study of cultures, institutions, social behaviours, economies and systems of meaning, and includes the topics of religions, politics, kinship, gender, education, health, migration, landscapes and the media.

Anthropology is the study of humanity and human behavior. It is the only discipline that offers a conceptual scheme for the whole context of human experiences. It provides a broad framework into which many other subjects can be fitted.

Social Anthropology is the comparative study of the institutions, social behaviours, and systems of meaning of all human societies. It is concerned with describing how any given society organizes its relations to the environment, its economy, social interaction and groupings, structures of political authority, gender roles, religion, and all other aspects of its culture.Anthropology and Sociology A-Z Staff Profiles As social scientists, Anthropologists formulate general theories about human social behavior and cultural understanding usually based on the intimate study of highly localized phenomena in contemporary and historical contexts. This is known broadly as ethnography.

Sociology, which has much in common with Social Anthropology, is the systematic study of human social relationships, with an emphasis on group behaviour and social structure, especially in industrial societies. The academic staff in our Discipline group focuses on qualitative, ethnographic sociology.


Students who wish to pursue Anthropology and Sociology at a higher level are able to apply to take Honours. For more general information on taking Honours within the School of Social Sciences, please click here.


  • Australian society
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Asia-Pacific region
  • Europe and North America

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To say that people sexual orientation is only a result of genetics is to say that no one has ever gone from straight to gay, or gay to straight. You do not get to change your eye color, it is a fake change....
To say that it may be a combination of various forces including genetic and social forces is to argue that people are not a victim of their genes and can go from straight to gay, or gay to straight based on social forces.

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HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON Holt Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships: Student Edition Grades 9-12 2005
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