Social relationships Lesson Plans : Social Development

Social relationships Lesson Plans

Social skills lesson plans are a vital part of any curriculum. These skills allow individuals to work, play and engage with each other in group situations or interactions that are more intimate. Giving children a firm foundation in this area furnishes them with confidence in social situations and builds their self-esteem.

Planning Social Skills Lessons

Focus social skills lesson plans on both verbal and nonverbal social skills when writing your own lessons. The ability to decode cues from both types and react appropriately to the processed information is a crucial one that not all children possess. Children with certain developmental delays, like autism and Asperger's syndrome, struggle to interpret communication clues. Lesson plans for autistic kids that are designed to teach social skills may need to be modified to fit their special learning requirements. Here are some key elements to include in lessons:


Manners do matter. Plan lessons around concepts like how to shake hands, answer the telephone, or make introductions. Be sure to include the magic words:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • You're welcome

A fun way to reinforce these concepts is by playing games. To help kids internalize the magic words, have a family competition to see who can use the most magic words in a given period. Catch your kids using their good manners and praise them for their efforts.

Social Interaction

Learning to work cooperatively with others and understanding how to resolve conflicts are key social skills for all ages. Lesson plans for younger students could include concepts like sharing toys, taking turns and being a good sport.

The best supporting projects for these lessons are construction-types - building blocks or wooden logs - or pretend play. If you are homeschooling an only child, consider collaborating with other homeschool educators for group events to give your child more opportunities to learn about sharing and teamwork.

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