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Graph showing poll answers to question asking about the impact of the Internet on respondents' relationships.The Internet becomes a bigger part of our lives everyday, making life more convenient but also taking away the human element of living in the moment and making relationships more superficial, survey respondents told the Pew Research Center.

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The think tank on Thursday of 1, 000 U.S. adults about their views of how the Internet impacts their lives, which it conducted in January. When asked if the Internet has been good or bad for society, 15 percent of respondents said it was bad, 76 percent said it was good and 8 percent said it was both good and bad.

Respondents agreed the Internet was good for individuals, however. When asked if the Internet was good for themselves 90 percent said it was good, 6 percent said bad and 3 percent said both good and bad.

“There is considerable debate about whether people’s use of the Internet has enriched their relationships or not and whether the online environment is friendly or menacing, ” the Pew report said.

When asked if the Internet strengthened their relationships with family and friends 67 percent of Internet users said yes, 18 percent said it weakens those relationships, 4 percent said both and another 4 percent said neither.

With the increase of smartphones in recent years many have all griped about the narcissism of people who spend all their time on social networks, text messaging at a dinner table or taking photos of the food they eat. There is talk about how social networks and new devices like the Google Glass visor have diluted privacy, to the point that Google published do’s and don’ts for using the visor as guidelines on how not to be “creepy or rude (aka, a ‘Glasshole’)”

There is good and the bad with the expansion of the Internet, including fears about smartphone apps “turning us into sociopaths” and the danger of turning over our daily routines to new technology like Apple’s Siri digital assistant, as described in an opinion piece in Wired magazine Wednesday by Evan Selinger.

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My internet connections saved my life

by hedwig_the_owl

and they continue to provide support to me unasked in the absence of family and in the absence of a local network of friendships .. the loss of a localized social support network is a sacrifice that one makes when they have a career that demands they move long distances (across the country or to another country), and demands that they move often (every few years).
i love travel and i love living in new places, but i seriously underestimated the powerful impact that such adventures would have on personal relationships. the internet has been invaluable for developing and maintaining friendships.

Forming relationships

by 16_June

Does not pose any special difficulty, and I don't require my partners to share my beliefs, so that's not a problem either. I think what you want to know, though, is whether it's difficult to find partners who are not distressed by my not being monogamous? Not really. The internet puts you in contact with a huge number of people, through message boards, blogs, social software, and so forth -- that's not even counting sites intended explicitly for dating. What's difficult is finding partners who are conveniently located. This may be easier if you're seeking a casual relationship, but if you want a long-term, committed, highly interdependent relationship with kids and a mortgage, that's pretty difficult to sustain over any great distance, though certainly plenty of people do it, whether monogamous or not

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