Social relationships in Costa Rica : Social Development

Social relationships in Costa Rica

Emanuele Casabona

Living in Costa Rica, from Italy

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Costa Rica at a Glance

Working in Costa Rica has become an option for numerous assignees, since multinationals discovered the benefits of setting up shop here. Are you one of these expats? Or are you interested in the ecotourism sector? Read on for info on the economy, permits, and business etiquette in Costa Rica!

There is not much about business etiquette in Costa Rica that will surprise or alienate global minds. Western standards generally apply throughout the board. But of course, there are some country-specific cultural mannerisms expats should be aware of in order not to offend anyone or end up in embarrassing situations.

The Costa Rican concept of personal space might take some time to adjust to, especially for North Americans and people from Central and Northern Europe. Many people, both acquaintances and strangers, will keep much less distance from you in any situation. Touching among acquaintances is also a lot more widespread in Costa Rica than it might be in your own culture. This is very normal and no cause for concern or discomfort. Just go with it, and who knows, you might come to like it!

Personal Relationships in Costa Rican Businesses

Take some time to get to know your coworkers and colleagues. It is customary to stop and chat for a minute, even when meeting someone in passing. Family always comes first in Costa Rica, so you might want to inquire about your colleague’s family or share details about yours.

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