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Social Relationship Management system

Top reasons to implement social relationship management according to Gleanster respondents.As the popularity of social media grows, social media channels and platforms multiply. While the importance of tapping into online social activity is clear, how to do so, considering the scope and diversity of platforms and websites is overwhelming. For this reason, many businesses have chosen to invest in social relationship management technology that coordinates social engagement across multiple networks. What is ultimately confusing for buyers is the fact that no two solutions are identical. Which makes it very hard to determine which one to invest in. Or it leads organizations to invest in multiple social relationship solutions which results in fragmented and disconnected social data. Today, decisions to invest in social media technology are primarily contingent on the business objective companies want to accomplish:

  • I want to learn about new target audiences.
  • I want to find unmet customer needs.
  • I want to monitor my competitors.
  • I want to engage customers in service and support.
  • I want to engage influencers.
  • I want to promote the brand.
  • You get the picture.

These needs are largely addressed by investments in multiple platforms: Monitoring and/or Engagement. Social Relationship Management platforms typically contain both listening and engagement. They offer a real-time means of monitoring and a mechanism for publishing communications.

Gleanster’s Social Relationship Management Benchmark Report examines how successful marketers utilize social media technology to achieve real and measurable business results. Effective social technology does more than just promote a brand: It employs user analytics, targets messages, facilitates conversation, links to CRM, and rewards advocates is a systematic and automated fashion.

In this study, we surveyed how Top Performing organizations engage in social relationship campaigns. Over 300 responses were received from organizations like Microsoft, Ford, Marriot, and Cisco with the goal of uncovering why they chose to implement social relationship management technology, the value drivers that yielded the greatest success, challenges encountered, and performance metrics used to measure success.

Below is a brief summary of the primary reasons Top Performers implement social relationship management technology and the primary value drivers they used to maximize the return on the technology.

Why invest in Social Relationship Management?

The top three reasons survey respondents choose to implement a social relationship management initiative are: (1) to expand current capabilities; (2) to coordinate social and traditional marketing; and (3) to manage social activities centrally and at scale.

Generating an ROI on Social Media - Gleanster Stats

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