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Salesforce - Gartner Magic Quadrant Social CRM 2012Relationships, not technologies, are what make CRM strategies successful. They connect people and get work done, deliver value, solve problems and gain insight into how better to serve customers in the future. The reality of Social CRM is that many enterprises aren’t finding what they need with existing vendors. So they are quietly building their own CRM systems. This is in line with my observations on tailored monitoring technologies.

While it is an excellent analysis at the technical level, it needs more balance with the real value of CRM in changing companies by changing people and relationships.Gartner's Magic Quandrant Social CRM 2012 By not having that balance, the quadrant misses out on major trends occurring in Social CRM today.

Salesforce leads the social CRM market when it comes to the completeness of their vision in combination with the ability to execute. Jive and Lithium follow closely.

Though, In a recent article on Forbes, the following was mentioned on Salesforce:

Panels agreed that while Salesforce has done well on the SaaS platform, it is getting a reputation in larger corporate accounts of being hard to customize and use.

Five Stages of Social CRM Adoption - GartnerThere will be a need for customization, be more business specific and relevant.

80% of companies follow the five stages of Social CRM Adoption, with social media monitoring by PR and communications firms being the most common starting point. The majority of the companies (70%) have are in the Initial and Developing stages of this maturity model.

Knowledge valorization

Number nine and ten can be overlayed on the left side Organizational Functions, that will open up these silos, and unlocking the power of cross-departmental thinking and ideation. Opening up the organization internally and the value network (between organizations) will boost be the apex of knowledge valorization. Valorizing knowledge faster and better, speeding up processes, decision-making to operate within the window of –real-time- opportunity.

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