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Social network relationships types

1- The Un-analyzerLift up any rock, stone or skirt these days and you’ll surely find a social media ninja/examiner/sensei underneath! Every company badly needs someone to handle their social media accounts and every person thinks they can do a fantastic job at it. If you can blog about dandelions, tweet about Kim Kardashian and have been Facebooking since you were sperm, you’re the perfect candidate to manage social networks, right?


And if you assign it to an unskilled person (or douchebag), it could jeopardize your client relationships, organisational image and goodwill. This is why a lot of organisations treat social media like the plague. Most of them are so afraid that they will not be able to consistently monitor and respond to all social interactions happening in real time that they would rather just stay at arm’s length from it. However, this half-hearted approach to social media marketing can be disastrous for an organisation’s future.

Here we outline some of the worst types of social media managers and hope that you’re not making any of their rookie mistakes.

Yes, social media management is all about building a community, managing relationships, and of course, sharing those darn cute cat pictures. But that’s not where it ends! It’s also about using these social platforms to manage, measure, and analyze the success or failure of all your social media marketing initiatives. Don’t be metric shy, unfriendly to statistics and rude to trends – befriend them all!

2- The Sleazy Car Salesman

This social media manager’s every post, share, or tweet is all about their “brilliant” product. We’re not saying that you can’t sell or promote your products on social media, but you have to do it strategically and definitely not all the time.

Social media gives you an opportunity to be personal. By personal, we don’t mean that you need to sound like an overexcited cheerleader on Twitter. Just not like a stale, boring, company with no voice, tone or personality!

4- The Bully

The Space Cadet is usually the social media manager who is an intern at the company and is usually spaced out about the organization’s product or services. He or she thinks that managing social media networks is all about liking comments and “sharing memes and stuff”. Ask such a social media manager a relevant question about the product and they’ll go completely AWOL on the client.

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