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Social media Relationship marketing

When you go on a first date there are two things that can happen. You can go on a second date or you can call it quits before anything started. When somebody comes to your business for the first time two things can happen. They can come in again or they can go somewhere else. The common goal here is to keep the relationship going.

Communication and interaction are vital for your relationship to succeed. Kim Kardashian taught us that after her failed 72 day marriage. As a business, it’s important to practice relationship marketing. Relationship Marketing is a strategy to build long-term relationships with your customers by providing satisfaction and promoting open communication.

Valuing your customers, being on social media and listening to their feedback are three ways to communicate with your customers and showing them you care.

Value Your Customers

When you’re in a relationship you like to be appreciated, and as a business, I can only imagine how you love to be told how great your products and services are. But it’s not a one-way form of flattery. You can’t expect your significant other to say, “Honey, I really appreciate you doing the dishes, ” while you sit there and act like she wasn’t the one who made dinner. Do the same for your customers and let them know how much you value them.

Be Where They Are

It’s important that you understand the power of social media and have active profiles set up on all the popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. When you’re in a relationship you can’t be together all the time, that’s why texting is a big deal. We can annoy our loved ones during movies and wake them up from naps with a simple text. Social media is the texting to your relationship with your customers. These sites allow your customers to interact with you by giving feedback and asking questions when they aren’t with you.

Listen to Your Customers

You know that thing your significant other does that really annoys you – the gum smacking, the pen tapping or the annoying way you never get to hold the remote? How many times have you had the “just stop and ask for directions” talk with them? As a business you should strive to use customer feedback in order to improve your products and services. Let them know you are listening the first time feedback is given by integrating it as much as possible.

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For the last few weeks they've been showing more & more revealing ads for this series, and also putting on many short "behind the scenes" exposes of the creative ideas behind the scripts, characters, costumes and sets.
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