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Social aspects our Relationship

The Practice of Being Human:

The Social Aspects of

Documentary Filmmaking




The moral and social dilemmas journalists face have long been debated. Kevin Carter the photographer who committed suicide after winning the Pulitzer Prize for his famous photo of a vulture hovering over a starving child in Sudan, is perhaps the most extreme and well-known example of how complicated and tragic this dilemma can be for some. At the crux of this dilemma is the relationship between our obligation to the truth, to the issues we shed light on, and the subjects we employ to tell our stories. Can an honest relationship with all of those things co-exist within the same filmmaker? I think it must if we are to keep the medium honest and the process pure.

? How can the lessons we’ve gained from life help us make better films and how can making better films make us better people? With the rise of social issue documentary filmmaking, more filmmakers are finding themselves in moral and social grey areas. I’ve built my company Transcendental Media on the principle of making films “to agitate the sleep of mankind” and in my travels making documentaries over the last decade I’ve often toiled with these ideas myself and while I don’t consider myself an expert on the issue, I may be able to shed some light on how we might maintain our humanity while keeping the cameras rolling.

As many of us who have made a few films have learned, filmmaking, specifically documentary filmmaking, is more than just the technical process of capturing a subject’s movements and actions but more of a social interaction between the human(s) behind the camera and what is happening in front of the camera. Along with the social dynamics comes a set of rules that if adhered to or not can determine whether the exchange is a successful one or a disastrous one. Navigating the challenging landscape of human dynamics is at the core of being human. An intimate exchange with someone with whom we truly relate can alter the trajectory of our day - in some cases, even our lives - as can an awkward or tense exchange with someone.

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