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The blend of social media and Customer Relationship Management (social CRM) enables your brand to truly listen to your customers more than ever before. It enhances your traditional CRM by listening for and engaging with social media conversations, tracking new leads from a Tweet or Facebook post and moving them into your sales funnel.

To learn more about the state of social CRM and how to make it work for your brand, we sat down with Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, a social CRM platform.

Jon, thanks for your time today. Why now, more than ever, is customer relationship management so critical?
Relationship management is entering a 21st-century renaissance. Business is recognizing the value of the human connection. In our business lives, just as in our personal lives, we appreciate and need authentic and relevant connections more than ever.

Jon Ferrara, CEO of NimbleSocial media has reawakened us all to these values. Our culture of “social networks” is changing our expectations about the people and companies we engage with. Customers don’t want to be “acquired;” they don’t want to be “managed.” They want to be delighted and empowered. They want to work with companies that care about them. People want to connect with real people, and they want to know, like, and trust the people they do business with. It’s good news - welcome to the renaissance of customer engagement.

How can marketers improve campaigns with social CRM?
Let’s start by burying the phrase “social CRM.” Ultimately, it’s confusing - because all business truly is social, and businesses are adapting by expanding their thinking to include social networks as an integral part of engagement. Instead let’s talk in terms of authentic and relevant engagement to develop customer relations for life.

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