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Define social Relationship Management

Definition, frameworks and best practice advice from Accenture and Altimeter analysts

In October 2010 Accenture published a useful new guide to social CRM summarising the transformation required in organisations by the advent of Social CRM. This is useful addition to the framework of 18 CRM processes of Social CRM covered in the Altimeter Social CRM report from earlier in 2010 covered later in this briefing. We think Social CRM and Social Business are still useful concepts to explain the changes to a business needed for the transformation to make full use of social media – the 18 Use cases of Social CRM for example really shows the scope of social media is much more than posting updates on social networks.

The Accenture report summarises the transformation as follows:

Old world

This seems to be the situation c2000. Here a combination of outbound and inbound marketing occurs through a relatively number of channels.

New world

Today, the choice of service channels is so much wider, meaning companies must seek to deliver online customer service through Email, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube as explained in our post on online customer service best practice.

Changes to customer service delivery in social CRM

We’ve talked about how every organisation has to introduce publishing processes to produce the exceptional quality content needed for inbound marketing. Likewise Social CRM requires a new customer service process integrated with this publishing process shown in the Accenture report.

Introduction to social CRM

Social CRM has been around as a concept for a couple of years now, but this is the best report I have seen which has a definition and outlines the strategy issues which need management.

The report is written by Jeremiah Owyang, ex Forrester Research, but now an analyst at the Altimeter Group. You can download it via the Slideshare embed at the end of my review.

Definition of social CRM

The report doesn’t define social CRM, instead seeking to show the scope of how it can apply in organisations through this diagram, which is a very useful framework, both for defining social CRM and defining a strategy.

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