Social emotional development 18-24 months : Social Development

Social emotional development 18-24 months

"No!" Toddlers love to say "no." In fact, your toddler might even tell you "no" when he would actually rather say "yes." Saying "no" is his way of testing out independence. At around 18 months of age, your toddler will probably say a few words and by the age of two he will likely be able to put two words together to form his first sentence ("more milk"; "want down"; "play ball").

"Why?" Preschoolers love to ask questions. Your preschooler will love learning about the world and will do this through language. Your preschooler will likely speak in sentences and be very curious about how and why. This is an exciting time because you will be able to share more experiences with your child. Answering questions can be exhausting, but remember that this is only a stage. Your child won't always ask you repeatedly why the sky is blue!

As your child's language skills grow, it is important to speak to your child about his emotions. Naming emotions such as anger and sadness gives your child the ability to express his feelings through words. It is also important to talk about other people's emotions so your child can start to understand that others do not think or feel the way he does. This will help your child's social and emotional development, especially when playing with other children. Toddlers and preschoolers will often need to be reminded to use their words to solve problems and play well with others. Remember to praise your child when he uses his words to express his feelings.

It is important to play with your child every day. Playing is a great way to learn about the world and develop social and emotional skills that will be important to your child's happy relationships with other children. Playing can include singing, jumping, dancing, stacking building blocks, exploring outside and pretending.

Toddlers are able to play make believe and will learn to play beside other children by the time they are two years old. Now is a great time to read with your child as she will be able to turn the pages in a board book and will love pointing out objects in the pictures.

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Emotional and social development is what counts

by lentilka

Can he take care of himself, overcome difficult emotional situations, solve conflicts independently, delayed gratification skills?
people make this mistakes all the time, but knowing alphabet is very different from reading and knowing numbers different from counting and has nothing to do with how well kids do at school.
unless your child reads and does more complex math problems and is labeled gifted by a teacher i would not put him to school that early.

Nonprofit: Mental health center offers children's camps  — The Missoulian
Camps are structured with activities for small groups and focused on social and emotional development. Activities will be provided in the new Full Circle facilities at 2921 W. Broadway. Slots will fill quickly.