Social and emotional development Norms : Social Development

Social and emotional development Norms

Image courtesy of Jomphong FreeDigitalPhotos.netSocial and emotional development is crucial for children. The ability to manage their emotions, to understand other people have feelings and needs that may be different from their own, and to form positive relationships with others, will set the stage for their entire developmental future. Thus, it is very important to encourage skill development which will help them learn to be gracious winners or outstanding losers, and how to behave in stressful situations. Children grow in constant interaction with their environment. Such environment naturally reflects on their social and emotional development.Image courtesy of [contributor name] In addition, developmental psychologists point out that every child should have loving and affectionate environment in order to become socially and emotionally healthy person.

Social and emotional development of children may vary depending on their temperament, cultural influences, some form of disability, actions of their parents, or other adults that are role-models, the feeling of being safe or not while interacting with grown-ups, opportunities for social interaction, …

Emotional development usually occurs in early childhood. First emotions that can be identified are joy, anger, sadness, fear and disgust.Image courtesy of imagerymajestic From the moment they are born, children establish relationship with the environment. They begin to recognize and manage their feelings. At the age of one and a half, they become aware of their emotional behaviour. Between two and three, according to the previously learned behavioral norms, they develop complex emotions such as pride, guilt, confusion and shame.Image courtesy of Stuart Miles Their ability to respond to the situations from the environment increases during the preschool years.

How to encourage social and emotional development of your child?

1. The positive feeling of affection in the first year of your child’s life makes the socialization possible. Therefore, it is extremely important for emotional development of every child to provide them with love and affection.Image courtesy of Kookkai_nak Acknowledge your child’s feelings. Help them talk about what they feel and how they feel in certain situations.

2. Promote expression of feelings and help your child learn how to appropriately manage his emotions. For instance, if he is demonstrating anger by throwing away toys, tell him that everybody can be angry sometimes. However, point out that this model of behaviour is not good. Teach them to control their emotions and to calm down. Let them take a deep breath, and help them to turn away from the cause of their anger. Moreover, if you want to prevent children from certain things or actions, try to explain them why you want that.

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The family meal is an important site for the construction and reproduction of the contemporary “family” in western
societies and the emotional relationships and power relations within the family. Meal times are also integral events at which children are acculturated into the rules and norms of “civilized” behavior. It is for this reason that concern is often expressed in both public and private forums about the prevalence of take-away foods and the tendency for family
members to eat meals at different times or to eat the evening meal in front of the television. These practices, it is argued, do not allow children to develop the social skills and table manners appropriate for “civilized” eating behavior and also detract from the cohesion of the family

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