Personal social emotional development report comments : Social Development

Personal social emotional development report comments

Understanding Emotions & Reactions of Preschool Children:
The Implications for Teaching

By: Roberta Saintil, Kara Peluso, Kimber Peluso, Jen Cogert, Erin Concelman & Lindsay Stanley


Preschool is the time where exploration of their environment is a child’s full time occupation. Children will use both their mind and body to learn in this stage of life. They learn with all their senses and their emotions. It can be a time of turbulence as children go from tantrums to using language to express their needs.

Teachers working with preschoolers know that they are not only educating their students about numbers and colors, they are helping the children understand and react appropriately to his or her emotions. It is important to provide innovative learning activities to model and reinforce the development of controlling and recognizing feelings and emotions as well as to teach children to play cooperatively in their emerging social environment.

Age Levels and Emotional Displays
  • Social Development- At this age children are more apt to play with one another, the child will take turns, help with little tasks that need to be done, and they are talkative!
  • Emotional Development- Wants to explore more, has a good attitude (most of the time), and is not resistant to change. Child will express emotion in a chaotic tantrum, or substantial display if they are mad, and or upset. If the child is happy they will laugh, play, and giggle with extreme excitement.

Age 4

  • Social Development- Enjoys playing in groups, plays games such as tag, or hide and seek. Very social, and more cooperative! Child starts to become aware of the fact that their actions have consequences, if he or she acts out in an intolerable manner at the snack table, the teacher just might take away his or her “computer time.”
  • Emotional Development- Children at this age might have more of a negative attitude, may not listen very well to commands, constantly testing boundaries, and they are confident in themselves

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