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Personal social and emotional development comments

This is part six of the seven-part series from the Project Happiness curriculum. It explores the many facets of happiness and provides practical techniques to generate greater happiness and a more meaningful life - from the inside. By reclaiming the happiness you were born with, you can influence those around you to tap into the best within themselves, too. Each door can be done alone, or the Seven Doors journey can be done in sequence. You can use this exercise to explore your own relationship to happiness, and/or bring it to your students to help them build a stronger sense of their own happiness. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them in the comments section below.


"We are all connected - what affects one, affects all in the web of life called Earth." Chief Seattle

Interdependence means mutually dependent. We depend on each other for most things: caring relationships, the world economy and even the clarity of the air we breathe. How we connect and consider one another does make a difference to our happiness - often more than we realize.

There are several levels to being connected:

  • Feeling connected in our own internal thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Experiencing the interdependence in the systems within our physical body
  • Being aware of interdependence in relationships with others
  • Recognizing our interdependence with the Earth
Each one is important. Credit: Project Happiness

1) Flow

Being in flow is when all aspects of an individual are working effortlessly together, and engagement is so deep that hours seem like minutes. This state occurs when the challenge at hand matches the skill level of that individual. (Too much challenge/too little skill produces anxiety; too little challenge/too much skill results in boredom.) When an athlete or musician is "in the zone, " he or she is in a flow state and have access to inspiration, creativity and a feeling of total alignment within. There is no inner conflict. All systems and emotions are channeled and energized to be operating in sync. Catalysts include playing a sport or engaging in something creative.

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When the Ship Comes in,
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[This is a slightly revised transcript of the Testimony Presentation
by Michael Albert delivered at the World Social Forum,
Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2002]
First, I want to thank the organizers of the WSF for having me here to give a personal testimony, and for conceiving and organizing this monumental event.
I have been involved with gatherings of tens, hundreds, and even a couple of thousand folks at a time – but this event, here in Porto Alegre, is truly extraordinary.
We all owe the organizers our thanks and continuing support – and for me, to be able to come here, meet so many wonderful people, learn from so many wonderful people, and even try to offer some useful comments to so many wonderful people is both humbling and inspiring.
So thank you.
When I was …

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The scale of the social decline required an equally large-scale national response.

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