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Foster social emotional development

This is a guest post by Robbie Torney, a kindergarten teacher at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, CA. He is a graduate of the Stanford Teacher Education Program and also a recipient of the America Achieves fellowship for outstanding teachers.

Mr. Torney and Paulina B. listen to Monse M. read

Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children develop important cognitive, affective, and behavioral competencies that help them become successful students and people. The link between these competencies and success is intuitive (and supported by research). For example, students who develop strong relationship skills will experience academic and social success at school, at home, and eventually in life.

buddies activityAdvocates for SEL reject the false tradeoff between rigorous academics and SEL; we believe that social and emotional competence go hand in hand with academic success. We also reject the idea that students’ social and emotional competencies are fixed traits, and believe that given explicit teaching, support, effort, and dedicated practice, everyone can grow and develop their abilities and skills.

One easy way to build SEL into your week is to do cross age tutoring, which:

  • requires relatively little time. This year my kindergarten class is buddied with a third grade class; we spend 45 minutes each week reading, cooking, writing, playing, or doing math.
  • gives students 1:1 attention. Each buddy has one other person that they are paying special attention to within the context of broader classroom interactions.
  • is easy to plan for. As a teacher, you can step into a coaching role, supporting students with interactions and needs that will naturally grow out of any activity, task, or project your students are working on.

Prospero L. and Enrique R. design a graham cracker house

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Congratulations on making progress in reducing trade barriers, promoting economic cooperation to boost economic growth on a global basis, and addressing pressing social concerns (though too much emphasis was placed on this one).
It's unfortunate that one tragic incident took much of the focus away from the tremendous accomplishments of this summit and turned a violent protester into a martyr for the ill-informed left. I find it rather amusing that whenever CNN interviews one of these protesters, they decry the G8 as promoters of corporate greed, etc. and when reporters try to dig one level deeper, there's nothing there (it's usually something like 'uh

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by ElijahProphet

U.S. Policy Toward Political Islam
Stephen Zunes, Foreign Policy in Focus
September 12, 2001
The perceived growth of radical Islamic movements throughout the Middle East and beyond has not only caused major political upheaval in the countries directly affected but has placed political Islam at the forefront of concerns voiced by U.S. policymakers. One unfortunate aspect of this newfound attention has been the way it has strengthened ugly stereotypes of Muslims already prevalent in the West. This occurs despite the existence of moderate Islamic segments and secular movements that are at least as influential as radicals in the political life of Islamic countries

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How to understand Piketty: read him yourself  — Oxford Student
The first is to applaud Piketty's work, construct some grand theory of social decline such as a new gilded age or a transition to oligarchy, and back his proposals for new taxes and regulation of wealth.

Zim: Health and education bounce back  — Mail & Guardian Online
The scale of the social decline required an equally large-scale national response.

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And this despite the government stating that reversing economic, physical and social decline of communities where market forces alone won't suffice is a top priority.

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Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • Multi-cultural, non gender-biased set of 30 figures for dramatic role-playing. 5.5 H figures.
  • Toys can entertain and stimulate young minds and foster an interest in a particular area, such as music, photography, math, arts and crafts, or language. Playing...
  • Playing helps to develop a baby s social, emotional, language, intellectual, and problem-solving skills. Batting at a mobile, giving a musical ball a shove, or transferring...
  • When you choose toys and activities that enhance your child s development, you re speaking your baby s language and helping her to foster cognitive and social skills...
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