Behavioural emotional social development needs : Social Development

Behavioural emotional social development needs

About special educational needsMost children learn how the school expects them to behave and are able to stick to the rules most of the time. Schools have different ways of encouraging /rewarding good behaviour such as stickers, merits or certificates. They also use a range of consequences for poor behaviour. Parents can find out what these are by asking to see the school’s Behaviour and Discipline policy.

Pupils with BESD may have high general ability or be less able. Their needs can vary from quite mild to very severe. The one thing they all have in common is that their BESD needs are a barrier to learning. Because of this, they may not be progressing as well as they should with their learning.

The term ‘BESD’ covers a wide range of difficulties. Some pupils may be withdrawn or isolated or have emotional disorders such as depression. Others may lack concentration or behave in ways which disrupt the class. Some may lack the social skills they need in order to learn alongside other children.

Most children with BESD will not require a statement. However, a small number will demonstrate severe and complex needs over a period of time, which have not responded to support from professionals. In these cases the school may decide to request a statutory assessment.

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To feel safe and develop trust, infants and young children need a stable, caring environment. Their basic emotional and physical needs must be consistently met. For instance, when a baby cries, his or her need for a meal or a diaper must be met with a shared emotional exchange that may include eye contact, smiling and caressing.
A child whose needs are ignored or met with emotionally or physically abusive responses from caregivers comes to expect rejection or hostility. The child then becomes distrustful and learns to avoid social contact

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