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Causes of Social Disorganization

Elliott and Merrill has ascribed the four main causes for the disorganization-

  • The social processes under the three main heads-cultural, political and economic
  • Cultural lag
  • Conflicting attitudes and values
  • Social crises
  • Sorokin is of the opinion that disorganization is mainly due to cultural degeneration of values in various spheres such as art, science, philosophy, religion, law and politics. In brief change from the idealistic and ideational culture to sensate culture is the main cause of social disorganization.

    According to Karl Mannheim unplanned capitalism and policy of laissez faire are responsible for social disintegration in the present age which Bertrand Russell observes that the lack of adjustment in institutions based on authority in the past is responsible for the present social disorganization.

    G.R Madan has listed a few factors responsible for disorganization.

  • Psychological factors-The cause of social disorganization is to be found in the human psychology itself. Psychological factors contribute to disorganization in two ways:-
  • Failure to maintain proper communication among fellow beings.
    Failure to modify or change one's attitudes in tune with demands of time.
  • Cultural lag- Cultural lag the concept used by W.E.Ogburn refers to the imbalance in the rate and speed of change between the material cultural and non-material culture. Objects of material culture such as mode of housing, means of transport and communication, types of dresses, patterns of ornaments, technical and mechanical devices, instruments change very quickly. But ideas, beliefs, attitudes, taste, philosophies, habits, ideologies, instiutional structures and such other aspects of non-material culture change slowly and gradually. Hence a gap or a lag arises between the material and non-material culture. This lag referred to as cultural lag invites the process of disorganization to set in.
  • Physical or geographic factors-The maladjustment of man and his culture to certain extraordinary physical or geographic conditions or situations may cause disorganization in society. This is especially true in the case of natural calamities such as storms, cyclones, hurricanes, famines, floods, epidemics etc which upset the social balance and bring in social disorganization.
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    I'm sorry you are going thru this in your

    by in_transition

    Neighborhood. pubdef is right. But you are having a hard time, obviously, also.
    (Please ignore this bullsh*t about hispanic men and what you should expect. This is a stupid stereotype. You are experiencing poverty and related social disintegration, combined with a happenstance of the cultural majority in your 'hood).
    How about forming, or stengthening, a neighborhood watch group. Strengthen/forming connections with neighbors and the police requires some commitment and knowhow, but is worth it. You will feel safer and, ideally, *be* safer when you know your neighbors ,your local cops, etc


    by plato_my_friend

    I mean..watching those histories..from the very beginning they've put people there who weren't mentally ill.
    but...a whole generation of bi-polar kids?
    an epidemic of mental illness that happens at the same time as a huge economic disaster and social disintegration?
    obviously pro psych and pharma are creating the former. and the latter..well. maybe the times are making people crazy, breaking their minds by destroying their livelihoods.
    i mean..crazy rich people don't go on ssi. only the poor ones.

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