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Social disintegration

The social disintegration

Social disintegration is occurring daily in today's modern, democratic society through dehumanization and anti-professionalism, along with enforcement of arbitrary decisions on crucial issues made by ill-informed leaders without adequate research or collaborative consultation with those carrying out the work. All this is justified by global economic rationalism which dictates every part of living today and takes precedence even over human safety and human survival Individuals in society today feel isolated and insignificant as their previously held value systems fail to contain them. For such individuals destructiveness can be seen to be an escape from the unbearable feeling of powerlessness. Mass destructiveness, however; to the extent of disintegrating society, needs to be associated with feelings of primitive omnipotence. In such a state, the problem is not simply that of death wishes, but a wish for total annihilation of the existing society which is perceived to be the enemy. The author explores the psychopathology of social disintegration through the writings and paintings of Edvard Munch, the renowned Norwegian artist, and also attempts to describe how society and its leaders have responded to such annihilatory experiences.

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I'm sorry you are going thru this in your

by in_transition

Neighborhood. pubdef is right. But you are having a hard time, obviously, also.
(Please ignore this bullsh*t about hispanic men and what you should expect. This is a stupid stereotype. You are experiencing poverty and related social disintegration, combined with a happenstance of the cultural majority in your 'hood).
How about forming, or stengthening, a neighborhood watch group. Strengthen/forming connections with neighbors and the police requires some commitment and knowhow, but is worth it. You will feel safer and, ideally, *be* safer when you know your neighbors ,your local cops, etc


by plato_my_friend

I mean..watching those histories..from the very beginning they've put people there who weren't mentally ill.
but...a whole generation of bi-polar kids?
an epidemic of mental illness that happens at the same time as a huge economic disaster and social disintegration?
obviously pro psych and pharma are creating the former. and the latter..well. maybe the times are making people crazy, breaking their minds by destroying their livelihoods.
i mean..crazy rich people don't go on ssi. only the poor ones.

How to understand Piketty: read him yourself  — Oxford Student
The first is to applaud Piketty's work, construct some grand theory of social decline such as a new gilded age or a transition to oligarchy, and back his proposals for new taxes and regulation of wealth.

Zim: Health and education bounce back  — Mail & Guardian Online
The scale of the social decline required an equally large-scale national response.

Holyrood Message  — Greenock Telegraph
And this despite the government stating that reversing economic, physical and social decline of communities where market forces alone won't suffice is a top priority.