Social decline in Australia : Social Development

Social decline in Australia

imageIn Democratic Decline and Democratic Renewal, Ian Marsh and Raymond Miller link the decreasing quality of democracy to the failings of political parties. This detailed study of the politics of the UK, Australia and New Zealand is an ambitious attempt both to document decline and to reverse the trend, finds Jack Simson Caird, who is impressed by the authors’ proposals to enhance the role of parliamentary committees.

Democratic Decline and Democratic Renewal: Political Change in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Ian Marsh and Raymond Miller. Cambridge University Press. July 2012.

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Democratic Decline and Democratic Renewal is an ambitious book about the state of democracy in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It is ambitious, firstly, because the subject matter is broad: it seeks to identify the reasons for democratic decline, and to propose solutions to enhance democratic governance. Secondly, it addresses these issues in three countries. Thirdly, each of these single country studies is weaved into an over-arching analysis. This approach is not without risk; however, it is ultimately rewarded as puts forward a compelling case for major democratic reform in all three countries.

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Changes in social problems related to firearms over time
Historically, Australia has had relatively low levels of violent crime. Overall levels of homicide and suicide have been in decline for several decades, while the proportion of these crimes that involved firearms has consistently declined since the early 1980s. Between 1991 and 2001, the number of firearm-related deaths in Australia declined 47%.[26] According to a 2011 report from the Australian government, "...the number of victims of homicide has been in decline since 1996". There were 354 victims in 1996, but only 260 victims in 2010, a decrease of 27 percent

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The first is to applaud Piketty's work, construct some grand theory of social decline such as a new gilded age or a transition to oligarchy, and back his proposals for new taxes and regulation of wealth.

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The scale of the social decline required an equally large-scale national response.

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And this despite the government stating that reversing economic, physical and social decline of communities where market forces alone won't suffice is a top priority.

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Book (Cambridge University Press)
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The past century has seen the town suffer from relative economic and social decline but there is undoubtedly an economic and cultural renaissance underway.