Decline of social Skills : Social Development

Decline of social Skills

“Guess what I saw on Facebook last night?” The most popular question of the decade amongst today’s teenagers is laced with rhetoric because really, the person asking it doesn’t want an answer. They just want to be able to tell their story, their little piece of trivial information concerning a status they saw, or a photo they looked at or an inbox message they received. At my school, it’s Facebook. At others it may be MySpace, or Twitter, or whatever other social networking site is the must-be-seen-on for that month, but ultimately they all work the same way.

This question, said more like a comment, is possibly the most common conversation opener used in high schools. Rarely is a conversation with more than three exchanges heard without at least one mention of online communication. It seems that after the polite “Hi, how are you?”, teenagers desperately return to the topic of Facebook, or similar, and their online ‘friends’. Either that or there was nothing interesting on Facebook that night to talk about, so the conversation dies out. One of the two.

Sure, social networking has taken over the world in a way that nobody could have possibly predicted, but is this really what the world has come to? Seriously? If the majority of teenagers resort to talking about talking, even if it is online communication, something’s gone seriously wrong. Where on Earth have our social skills been hidden? I, for one, would like them returned as soon as possible, please.

Personally, I don’t find talking about social networking interesting. I’d much rather be having a chat about the upcoming party or last night’s netball game or something in real life, than what some ignorant, young brat with too much time on their hands said to another ignorant, young brat. I mean, sure Facebook is fun and it is a great way to communicate, but when I am unable to have a single conversation without hearing a reference to it, I become slightly annoyed. Surely our lives have not become so boring that we have nothing else to talk about.

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I don't have any problems outside of this

by -

I am not a stressed out person and I have social skills. I have friends and a social circle of my own.
I don't think you fully can comprehend here the nature of this beast. It goes far beyond anything I've ever experienced, and mostly it has to do with people having no etiquette.
Last year I did decline a baby shower. I got an email from one of the other wives, "I know you won't be able to attend, but can you use your creative talents and make a diaper cake. She wants to use g-diapers and here's the one I was thinking of. You can get the accessories at Nordstrom's

The market has peaked and will decline (again)

by bigschwingindick

The business has waves, driven by new technologies and tools, which beginning around 2007 was social media followed by mobile, with the new tools of Python and Ruby and jQuery and all the rest, and there was a gold rush during which everyone and their second cousin flooded the market to develop apps, and now everything cool has been built at least for a while, and most of those apps are "me-too" crapps, so now comes the big shake-out, like there always is every few years.
The resumes piling up isn't because of people whose skills haven't kept up and they're now out of style, because the tools everyone has been using for the past few years came along around 2007 or earlier, and nothing really new has come along in the last 3 years or so to cause lots of people to suddenly become obsolete and unmarketable

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