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Social skills Developmental milestones elementary

It's not just babies who hit developmental milestones, there are developmental milestones for elementary school age children, too. With each year of school, your child faces new challenges that require her to continually acquire new sets of cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills.

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Deciding whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten can sometimes be a big decision, one that should be based on how he is performing on all of his developmental milestones, not just his social skills. His physical and cognitive skills are expanding as quickly as his social skills and ability to regulate emotion.

Socially, your child should be able to start taking turns and sharing, separate from you without undue anxiety and to communicate his needs to the adults around him. Physical developmental milestones include the abilities to run, skip, jump and climb stairs, while his cognitive skills should now include the ability to use complete sentences, re-tell a story and count objects.

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After negotiating the highly social oriented environment of kindergarten, your child will enter the more academically challenging first grade classroom. The social developmental milestones that will help her successfully negotiate this atmosphere include being able to start seeing others’ points of view and relating well to praise.

Cognitively, your child should be able to see patterns in words, numbers and, to some degree, the world around her. She will also begin to answer basis questions with more detail. Physical milestones this year are both gross and fine motor-related; having the stamina to keep going with a physical activity for 5 to 15 minutes and developing the muscles that allow for better pencil grip and neater handwriting.

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In second grade, your child will be asked to think a little more in-depth and a little less concretely. Cognitive milestones that support this learning include the ability to understand the concepts of money and time and the ability to do mental math.

The social milestones that will help in navigating second grade are those which help your child be more independent. He should gain a better ability to judge his strengths and weaknesses, have a little more self-control and be a little more willing to speak up when his opinion differs from that of his friends.

This independence is echoed in his physical milestones, as he begins to have a greater control over his movements, knowing when his body needs a break and and increased ability for repetitive physical actions as they apply to games.

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For many students, third grade marks a growth spurt, physically, emotionally and cognitively. Your child is making the move from black and white thinking to seeing more of the grays. In terms of cognitive milestones, this means that she is able to ask questions until she has all the information she needs to draw a conclusion about something she is learning. It also means she can create and solve concrete math problems from word problems.

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