Social skills Developmental milestones : Social Development

Social skills Developmental milestones


"I printed this out to take into my granddaughters preschool. They wanted her tested for autism. Her mother was hysterical! She is very bright, creative and loves to sing.she isn't austic.she is three, she will be four in July. She has a 6 year old sister. "

"This has helped with my child study! And lots of my class!! Thank you!! "

"This was an AWESOME article for me (a Mother of two children) to read. My Son's almost 15yrs. old and my Daughter is 3.5yrs old. Needless to say, but the 11 year difference in their ages can be very trying for Mama and Papa!! Not only that, but when my Son was a baby I read everything I could get my hands on to help me be a great 1st time Mother. Now, this amazing article helped me become more informed about knowing what my 3yrs old is thinking. Thank you! Sincerley, Heather B. "

"My daughter is 2.5 years old and can read a bit, do simple arithmetic and speaks in sentences like these: "Mommy, I am about to lose my patience! I said I wanted to watch TV BEFORE breakfast not after!". She has been potty trained since she was 15 months old. This article has made me realize that I need to ensure my little girl is properly stimulated and not bored. Thank you. "

"I think it is time for me to talk to the pediatrician to see what is wrong with my son. He will be 6 in December and only exhibits some of these traits. He starts kindergarten in the fall, and I am afraid that he is going to be labeled "remedial" from the beginning. Teachers in a small area like this give up on those kids very quickly, and school becomes a chore. I am concerned that he's going to end up hating school because it is difficult, or because he is behind the other children "


"this has really helped me with my college childcare assignments. thankks!!"


"This website helped me so much with a research assignment for my Child Care class, thankyou!!"

"Thanks for this. I'm a Filipina mom of 4year 10mos old boy, he's already in kindergarten or preparatory in the philippines. we've been told that he's younger for his grade level. but most of the 4year olds to 5year olds milestones are already exhibited by him. I'm initially worried that he will have a hard time in the writing and reading part in school, but he is a very eloquent speaker though! This is definitely a great read! :-) "

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Epidemic 1- 49 Autism in N.J. 50 Vaccines by 18

by stinger4

Autism rates hit 'epidemic increase' in N.J.
The rate of autism in New Jersey has doubled in six years to one in 49 children — and one in 29 boys — an “epidemic increase” in a disorder that has confounded researchers for decades.
Two percent of children in the state are now identified with autism by their eighth birthday.
For more information
* The report on autism prevalence can be found at the website of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,\autism.
* Information on the signs and symptoms of autism, as well as developmental milestones, can be found at cdc

Sammons preston Sammons Preston Early Childhood Development Chart-Third Edition: COMBO
Health and Beauty (Sammons preston)
  • This listing is for Early Childhood Development Chart-Third Edition: COMBO
  • COMBO Includes: One 38 x 26 Wall Poster plus a Package of 25, 8.5 x 11 4-page Mini-posters ©2013
  • Previous edition #11844 First-edition chart is also available in Spanish! #9188 Tabla de Desarrollo Infantil
  • The Early Childhood Development Chart-Third Edition serves as a quick reference to major developmental milestones for children from birth through 5 years of age
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Are anganwadis simply crèches for the underprivileged?  — Daily News & Analysis
Their aim is to lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child. The focus is to reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop-out.