Infant social Developmental milestones : Social Development

Infant social Developmental milestones

baby lifting his headOn this page and in the linked articles you’ll find infant milestones of (head control, rolling...); (social smiles, copying...); (oh, these are MY hands) and (listening, babbling...)

They're not week by week, as the speed in which babies learn varies greatly from infant to infant. These milestones give an idea of how babies learn and reach them and what you could do to support them without pushing them.

Please remember, it doesn't matter if a child reaches milestones like those earlier or later. They'll all do reach them in their own time. Sometimes it may seem as if they're not moving forward at all. But they're learning at those times as well. It’s just that you can't see the results of that learning yet. At other times, when the pieces of that puzzle learning suddenly match, they'll seem to jump forward.

So just gently offer your baby a variety of experiences, relax and enjoy.

Learn about normal physical development and how you can foster that in your infant. Developmental milestones of this age include: holding and lifting his head and his upper body, sitting and rolling.

Your baby begins to gain control over his body starting at his head, continuing with shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, legs knees and ankles. He’ll train his coordination by kicking, exploring hands and feet and trying to grasp things. Your baby will be on his way towards crawling but by 6 months probably not crawling just yet, He can hold his own weight when held in a standing position and might enjoy jumping but he can’t yet stand by himself.

Before our baby starts learning your language she’ll make sounds or cry in different ways to communicate her needs. Learning this baby language can help you to settle her better and help her to get ready to learn your language.

When your baby has settled into your home she’ll listen more and more to the sounds around her. She’ll be especially interested in soft voices and attention from adults. A Little later she’ll start socializing making sounds and experimenting with them cooing and babbling. Some of the first sounds she’ll explore will be aaa, ooo, and k, p, b, m.

You can encourage her talking by initiating lots of conversations (taking turns making sounds) and talking to her.

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Your Infant’s Emotional and Social Development
Infant Milestones

Social and emotional development are very intertwined. The more secure a child feels, the more he’s able to come into social contact with other people. The less his basic needs are met, the more he’ll be focussed on getting those basic needs met first.

According to Erik Erikson the emotional development of the first 1-2 years of a baby's life are all about developing attachment and a basic trust. If a child's basic needs are met, he develops a basic optimism, if not he becomes more insecure and mistrustful later on as well.

So it is important that your child can develop a close relationship with one or more adults or older children. This relationship is strengthened through the time spend together in play, communication and routines of physical care. If bonding is disrupted repeatedly (for example due to a high staff turnover at his child care centre) his ability to establish relationships in later childhood can be disturbed.

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