Developmental milestones in Childhood : Social Development

Developmental milestones in Childhood

Cognitive Milestones (2-24 months)

Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones reached, determine children's progress on the path of childhood development, which is of great interest to the parents and the child health professionals.

Knowledge of normal patterns of developmental process is important to help children achieve their optimal developmental potential.

Childhood development are described in four domains; gross motor, fine motor, cognitive also known as adaptive, and language – the communication skills.

Tabulated form of milestones works as an assessment tool

  • A child’s development at any specific age is an integrated whole.
  • Childhood development is a continuous process.
  • The sequence of skills achieved, during childhood development, always remains the same in all children.
  • The rate at which skills are achieved in various developmental domains of childhood varies from one child to another.
  • The delay in achievement of the developmental skills may be due to normal individual variations, or as a manifestation of a developmental disorder.
  • The rate of development of the skills helps assess the development process of a child.
  • Charting of milestones, like the provides the baseline for evaluating the developmental delays or even possible regression of already achieved skills.

Children, in the early years of development, build up a store of knowledge about their environment. are developed and mastered to get around, while is to communicate socially.

Role of nutrition and emotional support in child development

Children need to be in good physical and emotional health for optimal development. Provision of essential nutrition is important too for child growth.

and development of motor skills go hand in hand. Neonatal period and infancy are the periods of fast physical and Maturation of a child’s various body systems also occur during these phases of life.

Adequate availability of iron and other nutrients is important for myelination of the brain cortex. The process of myelination of the brain is most active during the last 3 months of prenatal and first 2 years of postnatal life.

Developmental skills achievement charts

Expected developmental skills in the children of a particular age group are serially charted as developmental milestones.

Points to note while evaluating child's development:

  • Traditionally, these charts are only for the first 6 years of life.
    The charts presented below show the internationally accepted average age at which a child should attain the specific developmental skills.

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Fearing milestones

by davrenfarms

I agree with Jamiemo. You do not have to go to bars or consume alcohol to be social. However, turning 21 is a big developmental milestone due to society's influence. It is a passage from childhood into adulthood and this is evidenced by the legalized drinking that accompanies the age. I think there are other expectations with the "now you are an adult" that might be inducing the fear as well as the drinking. It is normal.
Work on overcoming your shyness by finding a close friend to confide in and to engage in a common activity: hiking, church, riding bikes, attending sports events, movies....

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Their aim is to lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child. The focus is to reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop-out.