Developmental milestones in Cerebral palsy : Social Development

Developmental milestones in Cerebral palsy

Signs and symptoms of CP may
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Cerebral palsy is a brain disorder that can affect muscle control, sensory skills and cognitive abilities. Because the symptoms of cerebral palsy range in severity, the condition may be difficult to diagnose in children with mild impairments. Parents are often the first to notice signs that their child may be missing developmental milestones. Trust your gut and talk to your pediatrician. We’ve created this infographic to demonstrate developmental milestones healthy children achieve in their first twelve months so that parents can seek early intervention and treatment options if they suspect cerebral palsy.

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Via: Cerebral Palsy Family Network

Via: Cerebral Palsy Family Network

What is the Cerebral Palsy Family Network?

Originally started by a group of families whose children developed cerebral palsy (CP) due to medical errors and birth injuries, our mission has grown to encompass so much more! We’ve created this online community to share resources, news, and support with other families raising children with CP. By bringing together families of children with cerebral palsy, we hope to help parents make the right decisions for their families and children.

What started as a small community of parents of kids with cerebral palsy has blossomed into a support network of tens of thousands of families across the United States and around the world! In January 2013, we officially launched our online Cerebral Palsy Survival Guide. Our searchable database lists over ten thousand disability support organizations across the U.S. Use it to find helpful resources near you! You can also rate and review organizations or even add your own! We are truly a community and welcome you to join our family!

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My two cents

by gelg

As a parent, I've been surprised by how much age matters in elementary/middle school.
I've noticed that the socially outstanding kids (which doesn't always mean popular -- I mean kids who are comfortable with themselves) tend to be the oldest kids in the class. I would not have thought 6 or 8 months makes a difference, but it seems to. In elementary school, six months translates to very real developmental milestones, so older kids have an advantage.
I did not allow my kids to skip grades. One kid was in precisely your situation. Her kindergarten wanted to move her up at least one year and possibly two

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