Developmental milestones for twins : Social Development

Developmental milestones for twins

Episode 13 | March 4th, 2014

Topics: Developmental Milestones • Language • speech • Talk • Therapy

As a parent of twins, it is often difficult to know when your children’s language skills are developing normally and when it’s time for some outside help. Especially since multiples tend to experience a higher rate of speech and language development disorders. What are the common speech issues for twins? How do speech problems vary depending on gender? And what is a parent’s role in the therapy process?

BONUS CONTENT:Great tips for parents wanting to help improve their twins’ speech at home!

Episode Expert

Sara Toogood, ExpertSara Toogood, Speech and Language Pathologist

Sara is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. She provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to acute inpatients, rehabilitation patients, and outpatients with medically- based communication disorders, ages 0-21.


  • Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald (host)
  • Children: Alexandra & Julia (2009), Michaela (2012)
  • Shelly Steely (producer)
  • Children: Greyson & Sawyer (2012)
  • Sunny Gault (panelist)
  • Children: Sayer (2010), Urban (2012), Ainsley & Addison (2013)

News HeadlinesAdditional Resources | Speech Delay in Twins

Twins UK | Language Development in Twins and Higher Order Multiples

News Headlines

Twins Born in Different Years?
Did you hear about the twins that were born in separate years? Yep, two separate groups of twins had one twin born on Deember 31, 2013 and the other twin born January 1, 2014. Can you believe it?

Annoying Twin Comments

Twin Comments at Costco!
Our producer, Shelly, shares some crazy comments complete strangers have said to her and her husband while shopping at Costco. What do people say to you when you’re out with your twins? Call our voicemail at 619-866-4775 or send us an email and we’ll share it on our show!

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My two cents

by gelg

As a parent, I've been surprised by how much age matters in elementary/middle school.
I've noticed that the socially outstanding kids (which doesn't always mean popular -- I mean kids who are comfortable with themselves) tend to be the oldest kids in the class. I would not have thought 6 or 8 months makes a difference, but it seems to. In elementary school, six months translates to very real developmental milestones, so older kids have an advantage.
I did not allow my kids to skip grades. One kid was in precisely your situation. Her kindergarten wanted to move her up at least one year and possibly two

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