Developmental milestones for Toddlers and Preschoolers : Social Development

Developmental milestones for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Why Kids Love Wearing Fake Mustaches

Move over milk mustache, the fake mustache is officially a kid trend. Check out some of the cutest kids entered in our 2013 cover contest with fake facial hair. Enjoy.

Mobile Apps

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When Do Toddlers Start Self-Dressing?

The day will come when your toddler wants to dress herself (and it will happen long before the teenage years). But before she wants to leave the house dressed in cowboy boots and tutus, here's what you need to know about her developing sense of style.

When Do Toddlers Start Self-Feeding?

If your little one is getting ready to take a bite out of his babyhood by starting to feed himself, here's some food for thought about what to expect with this exciting milestone.

The Ages and Stages of Play

You'll be amazed by how much your baby's smarts, coordination, and confidence develops with each passing month. Let the games begin!

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Savor Summer

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Toddler Milestones 12-17 Months

Your toddler is constantly developing and reacting to the world around him. With such quick development, every day is a new adventure. We outline some of the most exciting milestones so you know what to expect.

Craft & Activity Printables

Check out our complete collection of free printable crafts and activities for kids. We have fun games, cards, crafts, and so much more!

Your Growing 3-Year-Old

Your toddler is 3 and ready for more independence. Take a look at what this exciting year will bring and how to prepare for what's next.

Step-by-Step Guide to Potty Training

Your child's now a toddler, and it's time to wean him off diapers - but how do you begin? These seven steps will lead you through potty training from start to finish.

Baby Milestone Tracker

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My two cents

by gelg

As a parent, I've been surprised by how much age matters in elementary/middle school.
I've noticed that the socially outstanding kids (which doesn't always mean popular -- I mean kids who are comfortable with themselves) tend to be the oldest kids in the class. I would not have thought 6 or 8 months makes a difference, but it seems to. In elementary school, six months translates to very real developmental milestones, so older kids have an advantage.
I did not allow my kids to skip grades. One kid was in precisely your situation. Her kindergarten wanted to move her up at least one year and possibly two

Are anganwadis simply crèches for the underprivileged?  — Daily News & Analysis
Their aim is to lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child. The focus is to reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop-out.