Developmental milestones for 14 weeks : Social Development

Developmental milestones for 14 weeks

Fetal development - 13 weeks

Hi, I didn't want to 'read & run', my experience is from a number of years back, with my second son, he was very delayed, failing to meet milestones but in my case they weren't so on the ball as your doc is, they kept telling me I was comparing him to his brother, over anxious etc. They wouldn't send us to a paediatrician until he was 3, I wish I had been more pushy, but I was a young mum with a toddler & a baby & very green behind the ears.

What I'm really trying to say is I know it's a really worry time, thinking things may not be right but the good news is they are looking out for him . It maybe that he is just going to take a bit longer to do things . Sorry don't have any experience of the undescended testicle apart from when i worked in hospital & saw a few little ones having the op to put it right, seemed to be a bit of discomfort, but not too bad.

I think the thing I've found out over the years is, that as questions about your son's development pop into your head, write them down there & then so that you can take them to your next appt. Then you can have the list with you, cos those appts use to make me quite nervous but if I'd written down beforehand things I wanted to ask, it was helpful.

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by daddtbear

Just moved back into our home after 14 mos of extensive renovations. Delayed some developmental milestones for our son because didn't want him to have anxiety approaching and adjusting to the move. Been back in now for 3 weeks and now ready to tackle move from highchair to booster, move from crib to toddler bed, and the start of potty training. Any ideas of the order I should tackle these? Booster chair probably not a big deal but the others will be. He sleeps very peacefully in the night but clearly likes the confines and safety he feels in the crib, but he's getting too big and we don't want him to climb out (though he has never tried to our knowledge

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