Social-Emotional development in Early Childhood Education : Social Development

Social-Emotional development in Early Childhood Education

Early LiteracyThrough a grant from the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Foundation, Teaching Channel and First 5 San Francisco teamed up to film six diverse preschools across San Francisco. The resulting video series focuses on early literacy, dual language learners, science, math, social-emotional learning, and strategies for early childhood education. We’re excited to expand our Teaching Channel library to include best practices for teaching this important age group.

Early Literacy

Interactive Read Aloud
Sandra Davis engages her students in an interactive read aloud, asking comprehension questions and explaining new vocabulary. Watch how students build understanding by engaging in a dramatic reenactment of the story.

Developing Literacy Skills Through Storytelling
Sandra Davis dictates her students’ writing as they tell the stories behind their art. As they work together, Ms. Davis develops her students’ phonological awareness by pointing out the sounds and letters that she is writing.

Dual Language LearnersDual Language Learners

Developing Literacy Skills With Dual Language Learners
Carmen Ngan builds her students’ expressive and receptive language skills through reading, writing, and speaking. Notice how Ms. Ngan grows her students’ vocabularies and helps them develop an understanding of the relationship between spoken and written language.

Frontloading for English Language Learners
Carmen Ngan teaches her students new vocabulary through literature, discussion, and movement. Watch how Ms. Ngan uses Total Physical Response to engage her students in learning new words.

ECE VideoDeveloping Language Through Thematic Learning
The preschool program at Mission Neighborhood Center features a teacher-based dual language model, where students learn from English and Spanish role models. In this video, we see students working on a thematic unit about community workers while simultaneously building language skills.

Science & Math

Reasoning About Garden Observations
This video showcases a student-led lesson guided by the teacher’s use of open-ended questions. Brian Silveira has his pre-K students work in the garden, where they hone their observation skills by looking closely at plants. When an apple falls down from a tree, Brian gathers the class together to observe the apple and reason about what would happen if the apple stayed on the tree longer.

Hypothesizing About Bugs
Nadia Jaboneta has her pre-K students make hypotheses about bugs and test their hypotheses in small groups. Nadia begins by having students share their previous observations about bugs and construct hypotheses. Notice how students test these hypotheses and use evidence to support their reasoning.

Making Playdough: Mix, Measure, Describe
Lanie Igtanloc teaches her students to make playdough by measuring, mixing, and describing. Though not an explicit science lesson, students experiment to discover the effects of using more or less of key ingredients. While experimenting, Ms. Igtanloc builds her students’ language skills by having them describe their observations.

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Strong academic preparation; continuing research in the Early Childhood Education and general educational fields after completing M.A. in Educational Psychology
Experienced in teaching infants through senior citizens
Highly motivated; currently learning server and programming under Linux and conducting social anthropological and epistemological research with infants.
M.A. Educational Psychology University of -- GPA 3.85
B.A. Social Science -- 1998
Qualification Profile
Related qualifying skills and practicum include the following:
Selected Masters level coursework:
Child Development Cognition and Instruction
Research for Teachers Social Psychology of Learning
Child Study and Observation Developmentally Appropriate Practice I & II
Leadership Skills:
Lead training sessions for teachers …

How is this as a resume - first attempt

by LyknScribe

Christina B. Starcher
390 Archibald Road • Concord, NC 28025 • (704) 701-1555 •
To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with children and peers.
Job Experience
Pitts Baptist CDC, Concord, NC - February 2007 - Present
• Lead Teacher - School Age - After School, Summer Programs
• Lead Teacher - Mother’s Morning Out - 3 - 5 Year Olds
• Resource Official
• Assistant Teacher - Pre-Kindergarten
• Assistant Teacher - Two Year Olds
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
• Graduated in December 2008
• Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education - December 2008
• Effective Teacher Training Certificate - December 2007
• State of North Car…

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Their aim is to lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child. The focus is to reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop-out.