Social developmental milestones in Middle Childhood : Social Development

Social developmental milestones in Middle Childhood

Middle ChildhoodThis title is a part of the series Middle Childhood DVD Set
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Catalogue Number: 520156
ISBN number: 1-55740-528-X
Producer: Magna Systems
Subject: Health
Language: ENGLISH
Grade Level: 9 - Post Secondary
Country of Origin: U.S.
Copyright Year: 2008
Running Time: 22
Closed Captions: Yes

Between ages 6 and 12 children's bodies grow and mature in significant ways. They gain body awareness and develop new gross and find motor skills. This is also a pivotal stage where injury, illness, and the increase of childhood obesity are common.

Middle Childhood: Cognitive & Language DevelopmentThis detailed, well-organized program presents educator insights, pertinent vocabulary, statistics, and classroom strategies for fostering healthy physical development.

• Ways to encourage healthy physical development.
• Gross and fine motor milestones.
• How technology affects physical growth.
• Why childhood obesity and asthma are on the rise.
• Why accidental injuries are of serious concern at this stage.
• The importance of nutrition and the proper amount of sleep.
• Physical challenges that some children have.

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by wondering-aloud

For me these theories are very much on topic but i recognize that i am not always able to distill them in a way that makes them seem so.
piaget's cognitive tasks have been quite remarkable because they have been performed with consistency by children over time and across cultures and socio economic lines in communities of differing social structures including tribal communities.
however it is a stage-based theory and i believe that cognitive development is actually emergent. also there have been studies and i have done studies that have demonstrated that the cognitive stages do begin emerging much earlier

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