Social development of Childhood stages : Social Development

Social development of Childhood stages

During late childhood, the

Resiliency is a capacity that is closely linked to a child's overall development - psychological, emotional and social. A child who shows resiliency at one age may not necessarily continue to be resilient at a later age. Resiliency depends upon a child successfully negotiating the challenges of each stage of his or her development. Each stage of a child's development builds upon the last, with the result that the early developmental stages are particularly critical for the establishment of the foundations of resilient functioning. Many of the skills critical to the development of resiliency are acquired before the age of 11 (Grotberg, 1997).

One popular model of development that has been applied to resiliency is Erik Erikson's psychosocial development model (Grotberg, 1997). According to Erikson, psychological development proceeds from birth through to old age in a series of developmental stages, each of which is partly dependent on successful completion of the prior stages, and each of which is also associated with a developmental 'crisis', a period of more or less acute stress or inner conflict as the person struggles to come to terms with the new developmental demand. Erikson's model encompasses eight stages. However, the latter three stages occur in adulthood and are not considered here. Resiliency researcher Edith Grotberg has called the successful outcome of each of these five stages as the 'five building blocks of resilience', and believes that, by developing these five attributes, youth can become more resilient to depression. (Grotberg, 1999)

Although Erikson referred to these stages as occurring within specific time frames, children who have had difficulties at a particular stage can continue to develop these five 'building blocks' at a later age if the right environmental supports are in place.

Stage 1: Trust (vs. Mistrust)

Birth to 18 months

Trust is established in infancy when a baby has the experience that comfort, food, and loving touch are reliably available when needed. This experience forms the foundation for a sense of trust that one can get what one needs emotionally and physically in life, and that others can be counted on for support. It also forms the basis for the sense of trust in oneself, trust that one can do what one needs to do in order to survive, develop satisfying relationships and achieve one's goals. If trust is not established successfully, a person develops a distrustful attitude that can manifest as a withdrawal from emotional closeness, a tendency to try to control others, and a failure to develop one's potential, due to the fear of failure (Grotberg, 1999).

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Thats true

by -

I did have a traumatic childhood and kids were always mean to me even when I was one of them. I guess that's why I don't like kids, partly, but I also don't like noise, rudeness, and mess in general. Before you blame it on parents, even great children are frequently noisy, messy, and rude because those are necessary stages of human development, learning what the limits are and what your body can do and what you can do socially. There are a lot of sorts of people that I find obnoxious: kids, people who park Suvs in 'compact' spaces, women with their jeans pulled way up, people on cells in the supermarket, and a million more

^ a little too simplistic

by and_flawed_

"If a man was willing to make a lifelong commitment to avoiding BOTH sexual and socio-sexual encounters with other adults wouldn't this indicate a sexual/socio sexual immaturity of that persons part ?"
It *might*, and I understand your point and your premise, but the idea that *some* men might have this type of immaturity, therefore all or even most men who seek such a comittment do is hardly self-evident logic, it's a non sequitur.
"( And wouldn't an organization requiring this decision be encouraging this type of person ?)"
"Encouraging" implies actively seeking out and rewarding such behavior, and I honestly don't think that the roman catholic church ever sought out pedophiles

Connecting to disconnect?  — Kashmir Reader
Research has proven Children's social development is at risk due to increased social isolation as children playing by themselves; their linguistic intellectual and imagination development is at risk.

Habitat for kids and wildlife  — Surrey Leader
“Council recognizes that playgrounds are very important for children's social development, as it is there they get a chance to play, socialize and meet new friends,” said Delta Mayor Lois.

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