Early Childhood development social skills : Social Development

Early Childhood development social skills

Friendships are important In

Social skills are necessary for making friends. As a parent, you need to make sure that your child has adequate social skills to make friends in day care, school and other social situations. Having friends throughout childhood is important for several reasons, including continued socialization, to maintain confidence and to feel accepted and comfortable in social situations. The social skills that are developed early in life can be maintained and built on to aid in making friends throughout childhood and adolescence.

Interpersonal Skills

To make friends, a child needs to have interpersonal skills. In early childhood, this could be in the form of accepting others, showing empathy for playmates and acknowledging common interests or goals. The ability for a child to relate to and get along with others will help her develop healthy friendships and provide a basis for continued social development. A child’s attitude toward other children during playtime or school will affect whether he is approachable by peers or best avoided.

Communication Skills

Communication skills that are relevant for young children include being able to interact without aggressive behavior, sharing toys and space without negative reactions and maintaining a healthy dialogue regarding interactions. Karen Stephens, an instructor in child development for the Illinois State University Family and Consumer Sciences Department, notes that sharing, compromise and negotiation skills are essential because they encourage active engagement and mutual satisfaction among playmates. These skills can help young children create and maintain healthy friendships.

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I. Early Childhood
The Battle Ground Public Schools offer early childhood screening and assessment of children from birth through age 5 in the areas of fine and gross motor, communication, cognitive or thinking skills, social skills and adaptive skills. Screenings for infant/toddlers (Birth to age 3) will be conducted by a Family Resource Coordinator. Children ages 3 through 5 will be screened and assessed by the BGSD Special Education Team.
Children from Birth to age 3 who qualify for services are served through district contracts with local child development centers

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Research has proven Children's social development is at risk due to increased social isolation as children playing by themselves; their linguistic intellectual and imagination development is at risk.

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“Council recognizes that playgrounds are very important for children's social development, as it is there they get a chance to play, socialize and meet new friends,” said Delta Mayor Lois.