Children social developmental Disorders : Social Development

Children social developmental Disorders

Does your child:

The term "pervasive developmental disorders, " also called PDDs, refers to a group of conditions that involve delays in the development of many basic skills. Most notable among them are the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination. Children with these conditions often are confused in their thinking and generally have problems understanding the world around them.

Because these conditions typically are identified in children around 3 years of age - a critical period in a child's development - they are called developmental disorders. The condition actually starts far earlier than age 3, but parents often do not notice a problem until the child is a toddler who is still not walking, talking, or developing in the ways other children of the same age are.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The forms of autism are thought to overlap considerably. But the fact that there is wide variation in symptoms among children with autism led to the concept of autism spectrum disorder.

Autism seems to be on the rise, and autism spectrum disorders affect between two and six children out of every 1, 000 in the U.S. It's unclear, though, whether the growing incidence of autism represents a real increase or just improved detection.

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Social Skills Inclusion Program


Young Children's Center for the Arts located at 929 S Water St. Philadelphia, PA 19147
~~Young Children’s Center for the Arts was founded in June, 1996, as a non-profit, full-service day care center. It is located on the grounds of historic Old Swede’s Church, and serves the needs of working families in Queen Village, South Philadelphia, Society Hill, Center City and Northern Liberties (just to name a few!)
Children 2-5 years of Age
Facilitating development of social skills for children with:
~~Autistic Spectrum Disorders-PDD NOS, Aspergers
~~Speech and Language Delays
~~Developmental Delays
3:00-5:30pm Monday-Friday (minimum of 3 afternoons per week)
~~20 minutes of Music Therapy (facilitated by a board certified music the…

Brookings Institution Press Investing in Children: Work, Education, and Social Policy in Two Rich Countries
Book (Brookings Institution Press)
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Connecting to disconnect?  — Kashmir Reader
Research has proven Children's social development is at risk due to increased social isolation as children playing by themselves; their linguistic intellectual and imagination development is at risk.

Habitat for kids and wildlife  — Surrey Leader
“Council recognizes that playgrounds are very important for children's social development, as it is there they get a chance to play, socialize and meet new friends,” said Delta Mayor Lois.

Accel Development Children on the Streets of the Americas
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