Pre Adolescent social development : Social Development

Pre Adolescent social development

Preteen Journal Writing—

Growing and developing can be a challenge for any pre-teen. There are many things that a pre-teen experiences as they develop and mature into the teenage years. The journal or diary can provide the pre-teen with a way to transcend this growing experience into a less threatening prospect and into a more gratifying event with many internal rewards. Let’s take a look at some of the rewards that a journal or diary can provide.

1. Get to Know Oneself First and foremost, maintaining a journal or diary can enhance the pre-teen’s personal growth and development. When the pre-teen records significant events and experiences into a journal or diary they get an opportunity to observe how they grow, change and mature into teenagers. Through this self-observation the pre-teen can make adjustments in their lives to meet personal and social goals. There is no better way to develop oneself than to be able to see and interact with oneself.

This brings us to another advantage:

2. Interaction
Many young people may think of interaction as something they do with other people. This in fact is true. But we also interact with ourselves. Each of us carries on an internal dialog with ourselves every day, processing thoughts and feelings and making this or that decision. Recording this internal dialog is one way to make better decisions and changes because the pre-teen can then develop a clearer picture and understanding of themselves and their environment. With personal insight one has a better opportunity to become the person they were meant to be.

3. Working through Problems
Recording internal dialog can become a proactive way for the pre-teen to process troubling thoughts or events also, thus helping them to develop more of a psychological balance. Some pre-teens may not have someone to talk to or feel more comfortable expressing themselves through some recording media, whether that be writing the thoughts out on paper, typing them into a computer, or talking about them into a tape recorder.

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