Adolescent development and social Media : Social Development

Adolescent development and social Media

Brendesha Tynes
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Since the advent of social networking site (SNS) technologies, adolescents’ use of these technologies has expanded and is now a primary way of communicating with and acquiring information about others in their social network. Overall, adolescents and young adults’ stated motivations for using SNSs are quite similar to more traditional forms of communication—to stay in touch with friends, make plans, get to know people better, and present oneself to others. We begin with a summary of theories that describe the role of SNSs in adolescents’ interpersonal relationships, as well as common methodologies used in this field of research thus far. Then, with the social changes that occur throughout adolescence as a backdrop, we address the ways in which SNSs intersect with key tasks of adolescent psychosocial development, specifically peer affiliation and friendship quality, as well as identity development. Evidence suggests that SNSs differentially relate to adolescents’ social connectivity and identity development, with sociability, self-esteem, and nature of SNS feedback as important potential moderators. We synthesize current findings, highlight unanswered questions, and recommend both methodological and theoretical directions for future research.

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I used "adolescent + internet" on First Search and got some pretty good results. Pubmed gave some good results alsoHere are some of the headings that came up with an article I got. (Internet, Social Networks, Computer Mediated Communication, Online Social Networks, online social networks; offline social networks; social networking sites; online communication)
Also found this article in Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews. 2007 Aug;18(2):415-24, xiv.
"One chip at a time: using technology to enhance youth development." by
Cohall, Nshom, and Nye.
Also, here is a book "The handbook of children, media, and development

The War in Afghanistan

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Below is an excellent comprehensive toolbox for analyzing the War in Afghanistan. Access this link at and it will link you to supporting statistics and arguments.
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